Chairman's Message

The global clock is turning and the Indian economy is poised for massive growth. Our present world of cut - throat competition is fast paced and increasingly success driven. Job skills are essential but not enough. Soft skills increasingly make a vital difference between success and failure. And every organisation is aware of this.

The irony is that in spite of there being a big need for soft skills training, most of the companies which claim to train people in soft skills actually belong to the training organisations specialising in technical training, and are not, as such, able to do justice. That is why Frankfinn being a world leader in training for aviation industry that demands the highest standards in soft skills, grooming and customer service, has ventured into corporate training with ‘Corpexcel’ - Training programmes fortified with actionable knowledge, skills, techniques and strategies that create powerful differentiations in the marketplace.

Frankfinn Corpexcel is powered by our state - of - the art centres spread across 30 cities and it’s master facilitators/trainers who are specialists in soft skills training, with a great wealth of corporate training and guiding skills. Quality, Value for money, Fun, Innovation, Challenge, Royal and Rebellious are the brand values of Frankfinn ab-initio. The focus is on providing value for money - providing highest quality at reasonable prices.

K. S. Kohli

Chairman, Frankfinn Group