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Tough times don't last; tough people do!' Actually, it's the super people who do. And it's these people who, in fact. are helping rewrite success stories, even as the corporate world is going through a paradigm shift.

Globally, organisations are segregating job skills from soft skills. It stems from an understanding that job skills are helpful, but mainly till the planning and ideation stage. But the project execution stage involves dealing with people and different departments And that's the stage when technical skills don't help much.

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Chairman's Message

The global clock is turning and the Indian economy is poised for massive growth. Our present world of cut - throat competition is fast paced and increasingly success driven. Job skills are essential but not enough.
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aided by 50 centres of excellence.

As with some of the best institutes in the world, Corpexcel strongly believes in atmosphere wherein the participant feels comfortable and at ease, environ for better learning. Corpexcel has 50 centres of excellence, across the country.

Training Need Analysis

Corpexcel, tool to identify skill gaps
The business world is changing rapidly and organisations need to keep pace with this change...

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Indoor Customised Training

Corpexcel, aided by 50 centres of excellence
As with some of the best institutes in the world, Corpexcel strongly believes in atmosphere...

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Outbound Training

Corpexcel, training in natural surrounding
Imagine, a learning session under verdant foliage, beside a river, while climbing rocks...

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Center For Advance Learning

The program at Corpexcel Center for Advanced Learning exists to support undergraduate and graduate professionals with diagnosed Skill Gaps.....

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